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Thanks for the Memories

Posted by: Yocheved | August 3, 2011 | No Comment |

I would like to take the time to thank some people here, in no particular order:

  • My parents, who allowed me to go on this study abroad, even though they worried about me the whole time, and for talking and emailing me through every problem I ran into
  • The staff at Gaiety who made the program a totally wonderful experience, particularly: Patrick Sutton, Amy Dawson, Martin Maguire, Cathal Quin, Denis O’Brien, and Tom (I don’t remember his last name)
  • The staff at Kinlay House and everybody from the hostel who came to our showcase, and especially Alfredo
  • Professor John Gentile at Kennesaw State University, who is in charge of the study abroad program I was on, and Amy Bowes at Kennesaw, who helped me through the registration process for Kennesaw and the program
  • William E. Macaulay, who generously funds the Macaulay program which paid for my study abroad experience, and everyone at Macaulay who helped me: Veronica Feliciano, the Opportunities Fund Board who approved my application, Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Degotardi, and especially Dr. Ronald who helped me choose the program and submit the opportunities fund application
  • All the girls in my program who made the experience so much fun: Elodie, Margaret, Blaire, Diana, Nico, and especially my roommates Ashley, Kate, and Cynthia
  • Shira Schindel, who gave me fantastic advice about where to go and what to do in Ireland and especially in Dublin
  • The Jewish community in Terenure, Dublin, who were so very warm and welcoming, especially:
    • Rabbi Lent and his wife Rifky and their children
    • Ashley, who runs the student center
    • The Kaplan family (Charlotte, Adrian, Deena, Michelle, and Teddy), who invited me for Shabbos lunch and were especially welcoming
    • Rabbi and Narit Shulman, who also hosted me for Shabbos lunch and made me feel at home
    • Everyone in the student house who was so friendly to me– especially Eleanor, Tim, Uri, and Stav
  • The staff at El Al, for not leaving me stranded in France and for giving me chocolate cookies
  • All my extended friends and family who followed my blog and advised, supported, and encouraged me through this experience as they do in every other
  • Hashem: everything He does for me is for my own good, but it’s especially nice when He gives me an experience that is as enjoyable as it is beneficial, as in this case
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