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Really really sorry that I haven’t blogged about this week!  I’ve been very busy with the showcase, and Wednesday was Blaire’s birthday and we went out… I think I’m going to have to finish this blog when I’m in Israel maybe.  But tonight we filled out paper evaluations of the program, and I wanted to transcribe mine here.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 is good and 1 is not good

Practical Acting Programme: Patrick Sutton– 9

I loved the drama games we played in the first week of the program.  The class was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.  I would have like to spend some more time discussing the short Beckett pieces we did- what they meant and why he wrote them, etc.  I also sometimes felt Patrick made an external correction without really getting at the internal reason behind the mistake.  But overall it was a safe and focused environment, and I enjoyed the class tremendously.

Practical Acting Programme: Martin Maguire– 10

I loved Martin’s class.  I felt completely safe in it.  I thought the way he structured it was brilliant– everyone was working all the time, and he would watch a group from the side.  You never knew when he was watching, so you weren’t stressed, and you ran the scenes so many times in class that you learned the lines without having to put in much time outside of class.  His constructive criticism was always helpful and caring– he made your work better without making you feel that you were “bad.”

Only thing I would change– sometimes we skipped the warm-up, and I really like to have a warm-up.

I also really enjoyed the opportunity for individual attention when we did our monologues for him alone.

(If I ever teach acting, I would like to structure my class like Martin’s.)

Voice Programme: Cathal Quinn– 9

I really enjoyed Cathal’s class, but I felt that we didn’t have it often enough– I would have liked to have it twice every week.  I also would have liked a little more individual time in the voice classes to pinpoint personal areas of difficulty and work on them.  We didn’t have enough sessions to have consistent, marked improvement.

Academic Programme: Denis O’Brien– 7

I learned a lot.  I felt that the discourse could have been more advanced had we known to read the reading list before the start of the program– less time would be spent summarizing plays, and the discussion could have been more participatory.

Theatre Visits

Translations (Abbey)– 10

Molly Sweeney (Gate)– 10

Iscariot (GSA)– 7

Beckett (GSA)– 7

Plaza Suite (Pavilion)– 2

The End of the Road (Site specific)– 10

Nuts and Bolts (Bewleys)– 8

I really enjoyed most of the theatre visits.  I didn’t like the Neil Simon so much, and I wasn’t sure how it fit in with the Irish theatre curriculum– I would have preferred to see a performance of Irish dancing.  But I was impressed by how many performances the program took us to see.

Cultural Visits

Walking Tour— Good.– 9

(I didn’t actually go on the walking tour, but this was my bluff so that they wouldn’t know that this evaluation was from me.  Hope it worked!)

Temple Bar Music Session— The music wasn’t Irish.  I was disappointed.– 4

IMMA Tour— The tour was very short because we got there late.– 6

Book of Kells— Great.–8

Yeats Exhibition— Fantastic!!!!!– 11

Jameson Distillery— Good.– 7

Storytelling session— Good, but I would have liked to learn how to tell stories, instead of just listening to them–8

Glasnevin Cemetery— Great.–10

Marino Casino— Great.–10

Natural History Museum— Good, but I would have preferred to see the National Museum of Ireland.–7

I would have liked to see the Writers’ Museum and the National Museum.  But I really enjoyed the cultural visits we did, and Iw as impressed with the program for putting in so many.

Dublin in general

It’s a great city– people have been very helpful and friendly everywhere I went.  And there was so much to do that was within walking distance– Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, the National Gallery…

Temple Bar

Great location– we’re in the center of everything, which is really, really nice.

I liked the hostel, but I would have liked to have had a place to unpack– there were no closets, and it’s hard to live out of a suitcase for a month.

3 Things you would improve about the Programme:

1) Tell us to read the plays in advance– I didn’t want to spend my time here reading plays

2) I would prefer to have classes earlier and/or later in the day, so that we could go to some museums on our own during the day, when they were open

3) I would have liked to do fewer scenes, but more in-depth.  Because we hadn’t read the plays, I felt we didn’t always get as deep an understanding of the characters as I would have liked.

Would you recommend this programme to others? Yes.

Please sum up your visit to the Gaiety School of Acting: This program was excellent.  I grew a lot as an actor in both skill and confidence.  I learned an amazing amount of information about Irish theatre, history, and culture.  Everybody in the program and in the hostel was very warm and friendly, and I had a lot of fun.  I think four weeks was the perfect length– any less would have been too short, but at the end of the program I felt ready to go home.

(Or at least, to go on to Israel.  But I figured if I wrote that, it would give away who I was.)

Yes, I know they might find my blog anyway, and then for sure they’ll know it’s me.  But, although I would rather they didn’t, I don’t mind if they do figure it out.  And although I would rather Patrick didn’t read all the stuff I wrote dissing “Not I,” because he is in love with that piece, I won’t be upset if he does.  Basically, I’m not giving the program the address for this blog, but I won’t be upset if they find it through Google anyway.

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I enjoyed reading the evaluations because it summed up what the courses have been like. I especially like the rating that the Yeats Exhibit got!

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