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Week 3- Wednesday

Posted by: Yocheved | July 21, 2011 | No Comment |

I had a major disappointment on Wednesday morning.  It turns out that the number one site on my must-see-in-Ireland list doesn’t exist!  I was so looking forward to going to Glocca Morra and singing the song there, and now I can’t, all because it isn’t really a place here at all.  Very upsetting.

In the morning, class with Martin; Dr. Gentile sat in on part of it.  Worked a lot on O’Casey scenes, and on Synge scenes.

Lunch- Dr. Gentile took us out.  The restaurant wouldn’t give me a fruit salad because it was on their breakfast menu and they didn’t serve it the rest of the day, so I just got a Sprite.  Then I ran back to the hostel to change and grabbed something to eat before we met back at the GSA to go to–

The Jameson Distillery.  I gave my free sample to Blaire.

Then I went back to the hostel and had dinner, read, learned the Nora monologue by heart, and added to my blog.  I got into a friendly discussion with Ashley about politics before bed.  I was totally right. Just saying.

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