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Week 3- Sunday

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On Sunday we went on a day tour that left the city centre at 9:45 a.m. and got back around 5:30 p.m. The weather wasn’t the best– it was overcast and rainy all day, but the views were beautiful all the same. Our tour guide, Tommy, was a friendly, jolly old Dubliner. First we stopped at a little lookout place over the water. Then we drove to a place called Killarney Bay, that Tommy said has been compared to Naples Bay. The water was beautiful: we could see the wind blowing over it, and we walked down to the beach and waded in the water and I collected some beautiful rocks that the water had made smooth.

Other places we passed on the way were Blackrock (“and that’s what they call a bad day at Blackrock”) and a small town called Bray. Tommy played the song “Galway Girl” over and over at least 5 times in the van and tried to get us all to join in.  It’s actually not a bad song– youtube it when you get the chance (after the 3 weeks).  He also played traditional Irish dance music– fun stuff!

Then we drove up into the Wicklow mountains. The views were stunning, but the wind was very strong and loud– my ears hurt afterward. Thankfully, the wind was blowing us toward the mountain, instead of in the other direction, or we would have fallen off. There were lakes in the valley, and we could see a man’s private beach there. He invites friends for parties and they all arrive by helicopter, but he also has donated a large portion of his land to the public.

We saw the bridge that was made famous in the movie P.S. I Love You (never saw it) and the rivers running under it that Tommy said are where the water that goes into Guinness Beer comes from.  The water was brown because of the peat in it, and it looked like a river of beer– like the river of chocolate in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I finally realized why a lot of the pictures I was taking weren’t coming out so well, by the way.  Apparently my camera was set to “low color.”  After a lot of playing around with it, I switched it to high color, so once I’m finally able to put pictures up (which doesn’t look like it’ll be before I get to Israel), the pictures after this point will be markedly better.

After Wicklow mountains we stopped at a rest stop.  I ate my lunch outside and then joined the girls inside.  The other girls went to look at the gift shop, but I sat with Diana while she finished her tea and talked to her about Switzerland for a bit.  Diana, by the way, looks very similar to Jessie Wilcox Smith’s illustration of Clara in my copy of Heidi, but her personality is very different.

Then we drove to Glendalough, which was beautiful.  Tommy took us through a cemetery and some ruins of old monasteries and churches.  He also told us about a magical Celtic cross that people put their arms around and make a wish and it will come true– other girls in the program did it for fun, but I don’t go in for such nonsense.  We braved the rain and took a walk around the lower lake (I even waded in a little bit).  It was beautiful, in a lovely, misty sort of way.

Finally we headed home.  I was really tired, and cold, and wet, so I jumped right into the shower, and then took it easy for the rest of the night– reading and relaxing.

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