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Day 3

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Okay, I really have to stop this every other day thing, because the days are so jam-packed that now I’m overwhelmed with everything I have to write.  I’m just going to get everything out now, and I’ll fix it up and add pictures maybe when I get home and have more time.

First of all, the title of the blog– Cheerio– is because Amy Dawson, our lovely coordinator for the program, used that word in conversation, and I thought it was pretty awesome.

And I did not take the picture that’s the header for this blog, but that is how Ireland looked from the plane.  It’s really really beautiful.  Of course, I’m based in Dublin, which is the city so it isn’t so green, but there are cobblestone lanes that are really cool (glad I don’t wear high heels!).

Okay, on Wednesday we studied Irish drama in the morning with Denis O’Brien.  This was more like a regular class: we sat in chairs and discussed the key themes of Irish drama.  Some themes include: a sense of Irish identity, an outsider who comes into a community, dark humor and running jokes, irony, a focus on language, oppression, and a slow first act with a lot of exposition.  He also read a piece from The Commitments that talked about how Irish are the blacks of Europe, which is an interesting thought and kind of true.  I mean, the Irish have also dealt with oppression for centuries, and their culture has also been trodden on, and for a very long time people looked down on them.  And also, like Mommy says, a good sense of humor comes out of oppression, which is also very true in this case.

Then we had an acting class with Patrick Sutton.  We did some fun acting games in the beginning– take an object out of a box and do something with it– then we worked a bit on our Godot scenes and three other people and I also have to work on this awful Beckett piece called “Not I.”  Only our mouths will be seen and we basically have to shout this entire monologue that doesn’t make sense.  Well, I guess as an actor, you sometimes have to do things that you think are completely ridiculous.

After we changed out of our blacks, I went walking and window shopping for a bit with Kate and Ashley and Elodie.  Elodie stopped for a bite to eat because she had to go back to where she’s staying (she’s doing a homestay at Patrick’s house) and I sat with them (she ordered some sort of cheese and ham sandwich and I was thinking– could you get more non-kosher? lol).  After we walked Elodie back, Ashley and Kate went for a bite to eat, and I went into a store to buy soymilk and laundry detergent and green peppers.  I also got in touch with the Chabad rabbi for the first time since I landed, and made plans to pick up a list of kosher food I can buy here when I go there for Shabbos.  They must be making an early Shabbos, because shul is at 8 and the meal is at 9.

Then I went back to the hostel and ate and spoke on the phone with Mommy and Daddy, and chatted with Cynthia for a bit.  I also read Playboy of the Western World by J. M. Synge, which is not dirty, despite its name.  Queens College actually performed it my first year of school, but I wanted to read it– we’re supposed to have read it for Denis for Friday.  And I took an ice cold shower– the choice here is between the ice cold shower in our room or the boiling hot shower in the first floor ladies shower room.  But I think too hot is better than too cold.

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