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Day 2

Posted by: Yocheved | July 5, 2011 | No Comment |

Today was much better.  I moved my stuff into my new room today (my arms are seriously in pain from all this moving.)  My roommates are Cynthia (who looks exactly like Alicia Silverstone from Clueless) from Colorado, Ashley from New Jersey, and Kate from… Pennsylvania I think, but she spent the last month in Madrid.  The other girls on the program, by the way, are Blair from Atlanta, Elodie originally from Ohio but also from Illinois and Wisconsin, Niko from Romania, Diana from Switzerland (I know– if only I had done my country report on Switzerland, right?), and Margaret from… I forget, but she has a lot of relatives here.

I had breakfast (cereal and soy milk– between my limited kosher food supply and the fact that the buildings here are seriously vertically oriented, I plan to lose a lot of weight this summer), and then got a sim card!  Then I had my first voice class with Cathal, which was excellent– we did a lot of breathing work and then a poem, monologue, and some TV work all by Beckett.

Then we had a break for lunch (more cereal), and then another acting class with Patrick.  We did some really fun improv games: word-association, telling a story with a partner– each one doing every other word, telling a story but every time he claps switching to the partner telling a completely different story and then back to you with a new story.  And then we worked on a Waiting for Godot scene, and then he handed out scenes that we have to learn from Waiting for Godot– a different scene for each pair (and one threesome- we are nine people).

After that we had a break for dinner.  I walked back with the group– even though I don’t eat with these people we do hang out– and ate and changed to see a show tonight– Translations, which was good but a bit depressing.  It had the same actor who played Cripple Billy in The Cripple of Inishmaan at the Pearl Theater in 2008.  I liked the show, but I wish it had ended a bit later– it didn’t seem to finish the story.  I was left wondering what happened.

Then we came home and I called Mommy to tell her that I’m having a blast and am not homesick anymore, and I wrote this blog to fill you guys in on what’s happening!

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